About Us

Croesus and Claring is a BUSINESS SUPPORT/ CONSULTING firm based in Lagos, Nigeria.

We specialize in providing business Support and Consulting Services.

We are the bridge between a growing business and compliance.

Whatever your needs are ranging from Licensing (Gaming/Lottery, Telecommunication/VAS license applications to relevant government organization), Business registration (Business names, LLC’s , NGO’  ,other post incorporation amendments to registered businesses & CAC compliance i.e annual returns etc), Accounting, Trainings ,Marketing & Branding , Market research , Legal Advice , C&C is your ONE –STOP PLUG.

Our target is to provide a blanket consulting, Business Support & Outsourcing services at one stop.

We offer solutions to suit every Clients’ individual need.
We conduct careful, methodical case by case analysis and strategic planning in order to offer high level solution based services.

OUR TEAM consists of Affiliate / C & C Owned Law firms, Accounting firms, Market Research/Digital Marketing firms, Consulting firms who are seasoned professionals and proactive individuals committed to meeting all your business needs.

Our Services

Business Registration

Compliance Certificates


Accounting & Auditing

Legal Retainers

Digital Marketing / Branding

Market Research

Land Search/Surveys

Why C & C?

We can give you A MILLION reasons to choose us. Below are a few:

Our Affiliate Companies / Partners